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The Ultimate Drainage System Hacks

When you think of drainage issues at home, we generally tend to assume the worst where there’s a person panicking around with a plunger! And well, that does sort of happen during extreme moments, but generally, this could be avoided more or less, especially if you take good care of your home systems. Here are some life hacks you ought to be knowing, to skip out on being that person panicking with a plunger! 

Skip out on the Chinese torture method

Have you heard of that famous Chinese torture means that uses dripping water? Well that is one form of torture that surely drives any person crazy especially when you have got to keep listening to that dripping water! This is the same when it comes to a dripping faucet, trust me no one could be able to sleep through a dripping water faucet, it is as annoying as a buzzing mosquito by your ear. So the best plumbing Bentleigh hack that you could try out when encountered with such a situation is, by trying a string around the pout of the tap. Though this wouldn’t necessarily stop the water dripping, it would certainly skip out on the annoying buzz in the form of water droplets dripping down, throughout the entire night.

Using the plunger smartly

A plunger is generally our first solution for any sort of drain issue. And though we may not be equipped with fancy drain camera inspection gear, we can always go with the good ole plunger that we are all familiar with. The trick here to make the best use out of this familiar gear is, firstly using it to remove all the water collected. After all this has been drained away then remove all the remnants that caused the water blockage in the first place. This way you could solve your drain problem without much hassle at all.

Getting back that little dolls and action figures

Sometimes kids tend to get a little creative with their little minds, by trying out different stuff. One thing that they do intentionally or unintentionally is, dropping down those little action figures and other little stuff that they hold so dear to their heart. And once that goes down the drain, then starts the water works! So as parents it is up to you to rescue the day. And here instead of using a plunger you could use a vacuum to get the toy out, as it would do a much better job than a plunger that might push the toy even further. Try out the above hacks and skip out on all those disturbing drainage tales and experiences!