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4 Easy Ways To Add Extra Room To A House

As life goes on families often overgrow their homes. It may be due to new members or a change in lifestyle and most of the time moving to a new house to accommodate these changes is out of the question. This leads to adding rooms to the already existing home and this can be a messy and expensive process. This doesn’t have to be like that. Here are five easy ways to add extra rooms to your house.

Convert the attic

Converting an attic can be a cheap and easy way to add an extra room to the house and due to its whimsical storybook feel it can be a nice bedroom for young kids. However, it can also be converted into an office or playroom too. An attic conversion is usually possible only if the roof is tall enough as the steep slopes can make it hard to move around. Make sure to insulate attic well as it can get quite cold or warm depending on the season.

Convert the basement

Like the attick, the basement is another already existing space that can be converted. This will be an ideal location for a home gym or an entertainment room. This is usually quite cheap as the structure is already set and all you have to do is to make it look good. Basements are usually prone to be damp or have flooding so be sure to look into these and fix them before the conversion. Adding plumbing and electrical outlets might, however, need to be done by some professionals.

A sunroom

If you have a backyard a sunroom can be a perfect addition to a relaxing space. Because it’s usually a wooden frame you can choose an array of options depending on your budget. If you want to make things even easier there are used shipping containers for sale which you can use as a sunroom. Add some curtains, carpets and throw pillows and you will have your new favourite room in the house.

A granny flat

If you have a backyard and wouldn’t mind having your addition as a separate unit a granny flat can be the perfect option. Contrary to what the name suggests this can be anything from a spare bedroom to a backyard gym. Although you can build this any way you want converting shipping containers will be a quick, cheap and fun project to do. It can also be a nice conversation starter. Things you should consider when making a granny flat is mainly electricity and plumbing as these would have to be don from scratch. With some creativity and work adding an extra room or two to your house can be as easy as pie.