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Must Follow Paint – Color Trends For 2018

2018 and it is the time to refresh your space, whether it is for working or for a living. Obviously, for any interior designing freak, it is extremely hard to transform the space into something creative since there are so many different things to consider. From cleaning up to improving the lightings, it is extremely hard to know from where to begin and to where to end the re-designing process! And the toughest part of re-designing is choosing the color themes, so here; we inspire you with the best trends of colors for 2018.

  • Black will stay
    Black is always the trending color, right? It vastly takes over the different spaces in kitchens, bathrooms, and even different shades are employed in it. Get back to grey, all of them speak of a class and elegance which no other color can provide. Whether you are looking for a bold outfit or a subtle look, black is sure to give you all!
  • Onyx deep
    A color hue that goes extremely well with wood, this color gives the completely natural and ancient look to the furniture. If you pair it with an airy light, it goes even well.
  • Shades of black
    If you are not happy with going all – black, you can tease the color by applying a tinge of purple to it. Australian paint companies manufacture plenty of innovative and trending colors that creatively change the looks and feel of the walls and furniture.
  • Berry-licious
    Those who know all the berries will also know that the color shades of each of them when paired together provide an amazing combination. Whether it is Raspberry Pink with Blueberry or with red cherry, it brings a cheerful look to all dull and boring looking spaces. The beauty of this trend is the versatility it provides, for those who prefer bold can opt for cherry red or a soft raspberry hue might satisfy the more subtle ones.
  • Calm blue-green
    If you are looking to transform your space into a soothing vibe, giving powerhouse, then the blue-green color must be your first go! It fits with any color of the furniture while quietly imposing a calming nature to it.So, those were the color paint trends for 2018 and there may be a lot more still in this endless list. Apart from colors, painting as a whole has also evolved. Not only has it shifted its focus from walls to machinery, it has also provided solutions to recurring problems. For instance, good epoxy paint for steel is most commonly preferred for coating over steel products to make it resistant to water, alkali, and acids. Another epoxy paint has also been developed for other metals and overall, painting has become an involved mixture of beauty and protection through technology.