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What Should You Do During Motorcycle Breakdown?

Engine is the heart of the bike. Change the engine oil when it is necessary. Using old oil will reduce the efficiency of the bike. Always maintain the correct level of engine oil.

People who have bikes know how much difficult it is when it breaks down in the middle of the road. It is not fault of the bike. In fact, as a combination of various machines, a bike is subject to wear and tear both on the outer and inner parts. Our negligence can make us ignore some problem that is making its way into the bike. These things can easily cause break down in the road. Though one can avoid some of the problems by regular maintenance, all of them can never be avoided. So it is better to know what you should do when your motorcycle breaks down.

Tyre punctures:

This is one of those problems that cannot be avoided. Hope no one suffers this when on road. There are two types of tyres. One is tubeless and the other is with tube. If your bike is one with no tube I the tyres, you can fix it easily. It is better to keep a kit with you. Read the instructions on the kit and fix the puncture. Make sure to check the tyre pressure at the next station. But if your bike has tubes, it may create a problem. Without a kit in the secluded place, you will definitely be in big problem. The only option is to go to the next repair shop or clutch suppliers by pushing your bike for help. But before pushing loosen the valve nut to keep your tube.

A dead battery:

You need not to worry if there is such a problem. You just need a friend with bike and a cable suppliers from Australia. Connect the positive negative side of your battery with your friends. Don’t switch off the engine. The battery will take charge from the live one. Again you bike will run properly. If you are writhing under the pain of not having a jump cable, there is still way to start the bike. Make good use of the clutch and not the handbrake cables. Push the bike putting it in second gear. Hold the clutch until the bike attains speed. Suddenly leave the clutch to start the bike. Again hold the clutch and give the throttle a twist. Fuel will pass to the engine to keep it running.